Ever since I was young, I was curious to find out effective methods to improve the quality of my life. This interest led me to study psychology. I started by reading psychological articles and watching self-help videos. In the path of my own personal development, I have gained many techniques and skills for creating a positive change.

Once I experienced a better quality of life and wellbeing, I decided to enroll in a psychology major to gain academic knowledge of psychology and to share this knowledge with others. I obtained my Bachelor's degree at York University and then I continued my Masters of Psychology at Adler Graduate Professional School in Toronto.

My mission is to share valuable information with people who are

seeking it and helping them in the journey of wellbeing. I welcome clients with different psychological concerns, different cultural backgrounds, and different sexualities. In therapy sessions, I create safety and acceptance so that clients can freely express themselves. I mainly use the psychodynamic approach in therapy, and I also use some techniques from other approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems Therapy.

I have worked with clients with workplace injuries, phobias, and PTSD. I have also worked in a private practice setting and helped clients with depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, relationship issues, and personality disorders.

I have received a certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I am a qualifying member of the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario and the Ontario Psychological Association.

Shahrzad Khosravi, RP (Q)

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